Difference between Play Services & Admob SDK?


What’s up with the Google Play tab in this admob integration page?
I’ve been using the 6.4.1 Admob SDK… Should I change over?

What’s the difference?
They do offer the same stuff right?

(Also, do they work equally well for new and old admob dashboards?)

You should before they deprecate the Admob SDK on the 1st of August. Looks like anyone still with Admob will be considered non-compliant with Google’s terms.
Article’s here:
Google Will Deprecate Standalone AdMob SDK for Android on August 1

How about that… News for integration comes after warning for deprecation: This should be the slogan of Google.

Thank you for letting me know!
Still I don’t get why they have to jump to new things so often. What’s the difference between these two SDKs?

It is mainly due to the Advertising ID. A not well known and not really documented problem with AdMob is the number of fraudulent and excessive clicking of ads that occur - this was learned of AFTER google bought admob for a large sum of money. A big shame for the early advertisers on Admob that more or less got robbed of some of their money.

Now Google, is trying to right the ship as fast as possible through these updates that will fundamentally help track that a click is actually a click and not just a case of spam or bots. To be perfectly honest, I think it’s a huge step in the right direction albeit very annoying. But we need this kind of transparency in order to grow as a community. I suspect when August 1 hits, there’s going to be a huge revelation of actual performance on mobile advertising and unfortunately some may lose significant revenue.

But it’s a necessary step in order to really take mobile advertising to the next level. We need to really start bringing value to advertisers rather than a lot of useless traffic.

Hope that clears things up.

thanks for the really helpful comment and explanation. I guess in the long term this would be better for everyone, however it’s really just a pain to constantly have to update apps because of these required SDK updates.