Did you turn off push notifications for users who didn't update your app?

Hi guys,

Since the big policy change i’ve turned off push notifications for my apps on Airpush dash board, and uploaded apps with the new SDK to the market,
I was wondering if it would be a problem for google if i’ll turn notifications back on in the dashboard for users who still have old version of the app and didn’t update from before the policy change…

Can google do anything about it ? since the apps on the market are ok with the new policy…
How many of you keep serving push ads to people with old versions of your apps?


I unpublished my apps when the policy changed, then later republished them with a completely new ad network. I did not stop any ads, I didn’t do anything to the old downloads and I am still getting a few dollars a day from the old SKD. Since they were downloaded before the policy change, I don’t see why it would be a problem to keep serving them ads. I was using AirPush.