Did you set up your Developer Page in the GP Developer Console?

It’s a feature that Google introduced a few months ago. However, in my opinion, it really does a disservice to your apps.

What it does to the desktop experience?
If you click on a developer who has this page set up, your are presented with a big image, a logo, and a short “about” text. The developer can feature one of his apps, and the rest are listed horizontally in slide style.

Basically, GP has done everything in their power to make discovering new apps for the end user (from the same developer) much slower and difficult.

If the developer is not set up, the apps are nicely presented in a grid style

What it does to the mobile experience?
Again, it’s an awkward experience. When a user scrolls down, instead of being presented with more apps from the dev, he/she sees a big promo image, with one “featured” app and a “More” button. “Similar apps” are right under this and it’s much more convenient to check those out, that click on “More” and then again scroll through the promo image, about text etc., before actually seeing the apps!

No matter how you look at this, it’s a step back. BUT, what I wonder is, does Google give you some “extra points” for setting the Developer Page up? I mean, is your account then considered a bit more serious and do they rank you higher because of that? If true, it’s the ONLY reason I’d consider setting up my Developer Page.

What are your thoughts on this?

I didn’t setup the developer page. But the extra points that I can see is branding, and more professional looking. Other than that, I don’t see any significant benefits.

I think its a waste of time, there is no evidence that people even visit that page in the first place.

Yes, but does it have a positive effect on the account? That’s what I’m wondering about. But I’m simply afraid to test it because it totally ruins the discoverability of your other apps.