Did you ever had an app banned?

I never had an app banned but I think its always useful to share this kind of information.
So I don’t know if you guys remember but in 2012 / 2013 there were lots of apps called “Guess the movie”, where a real picture of a movie would appear and users had 4 options for the title, like the tv show “Who wants to be a billionaire”.
So, most of those apps are no longer available… just drawing versions (a drawing of the movie).
I’ve always wanted to make an app like that but I don’t want to see my account banned. I guess the issue was the images used, like copyright issues, and in that case I can draw and use my own drawings, but Im wondering if there were more problems, because all those apps just vanished.
Thanks anyway, and please share your story if you ever had an app banned.

I’ve never been banned as well but I heard lot of histories about that. Usually suffer music or video downloaders because of copyright for sure. And once I heard from one guy - he had a ban because of Minecraft title cyrillic (somebody complained), but this history seems strange, lot of devs make analog of popular games/apps. Maybe he stole bundle id.
The topic is really interesting.