Did anything change in Google Play around August?

I’ve been trying to figure out why downloads for one of my apps (travel and local app) suddenly started steadily declining from August/end of july but I can’t figure it out.

The app had a steady growth and am average of 2500 daily downloads for almost two years. But in August the daily downloads suddenly dropped by more than 20% average for September and have been declining ever since. It is now less than 50% of what it was around June-July.

I’ve looked at my activity on the developers console to see if I changed I anything but didn’t find anything. Keyword rankings are still the same. App rating are also the same. There are no new competitors. Old competitors are still the same. It’s really puzzling

Does anyone know of any major changes on Google play around that time or anything that might help

There were some updates in April or may month related to upload of apps. However, You must read Google’s new updates.

As my experience of working, there could be any one factor from these three
1.Either your app ranking get down
2.Other competitors apps come ups
3.your level or slabs of installs get change ( Slabs like Installs Status 10 - 50 or 50-100 or 1k - 10k or 10k to 1 lacs

Nice! Good to know…& Happy New Year Guys in advance.