Did anyone use Chillingo?


I was wondering if anyone used chillingo to publish their game. I am currently working on a game and I was thinking of letting them publish my game and split the profits.

What do you think?

thanks for bringing up such services. Always wanted to know how such marketing works.

However, with chillingo? They seem to have some nice titles… yet their social presence kind of is lacking!? I’m not entirely sure what to look out for but actual likes and comments are disappointing. =(

Also came across this article ‘Angry Birds’ Developer: “We Will Not Use Chillingo Again” | TechCrunch

So I wouldn’t consider them at this time. Anyone else?

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What do you mean?


I wouldnt go by what Rovio said they talk a lot of smack. Once they became popular they went at Nintendo saying they are the future. Then they claimed they found the secret to making addicting games yet 90% all they make is angry bird stuff. Rovio also never gave credit to cocos2d and box2d until the creator’s went at them in public.
If you have marketing power then do it yourself. But if you don’t have marketing power then a publisher can help. Most of the top games on the store either come from top publishers or known brands. Only once in a while does an indie make it to the top with no help.

I’m no expert on Rovio, just letting results speak for themselves.

I would love to here more info from OP tho. @bugz313 can you mention any more detail on the arrangement, like what marketing areas would be pushed or the profit sharing. If it can’t be published could you PM me?

There isn’t an arrangement right now. I want to finish the game first (at least my version of the game because I’m sure if they would want to publish my game I would have to make certain changes). After it’s done I will contact them and let you know what the deal is. I was just curious if someone here had already published a game with them.