Did anyone tried Chartboost? They look great


I’ve just signed up on chartboost ad network… And they seem to be professional… They have main type of ads… Even rewarded vids… Did anyone tried them? Do they worth the try? Can you share your experience/earnings with them?

We use them since 2011 or 2012 already. They aren’t as good as they were back then, but still better than many other networks today on Android.
Their biggest advantage is the total control of your ads. You can sort your campaign priorities by different CPI values and block low performing ads out by hand. There are also some issues though. If you decide to block ads it will decrease your fillrate, so you better use another ad network as backfill. Their video ads are CPCV based and generate an ecpm between $7-10 at the moment. Video fillrate is very low though.
Here is a screenshot of our performance in the last days. Ads are optimized at a fill rate of 60%:

Hello, thank you for the detailed answer. I always learn something you from you posts on all the threads.

Back to Chartboost, i have like 3 questions :

  1. i think your stats are amazing, from which type of ads are these stats from? (Interstitial, video ad(cpcv), or rewarded vids?) … And which type do you recommend me to use

2.How can I mediate Chartboost with Admob? Is there any adapter or solution?

3.What networks do you recommend at the moment? What can you say about Mobilecore vs. Chartboost?

Thank you in advance.

These stats are from interstitial ads only. I decided to block all campaigns out that generate a lower CPM than $1. If you decide to go even higher it will decrease your fill rate even more and increase your ecpm more, but I found a good balance there, I think. We also put their rewarded videos ads at highest priority at another place and backfill them with Unity ads. That gives a pretty good outcome.
We mediate Chartboost and Admob by hand. You can check in the Chartboost SDK if an ad is available or not and then simply show an ad of another network instead.
Mobilecore never performed well for us, because they show a lot of crap ads and don’t at least display them by CPM, rather by CPI only, which is a problem. They don’t provide any transparency on how much you earned by different ads and don’t give you the possibility to block them. Let’s wait. Probably Chartboost is able to reach it’s $8ecpm from last year later this year again, I highly doubt it though. As we know all networks are performing worse than usual right now.

I use it for IOS only about 1 year a go, It have good ECPM and always pay ontime.

We’re providing Mediation for Chartboost and Admob,that’s also convenient for you

really good stats and indeed similar to AdMob, I will give them a try

That’s a a very big ctr (19%)…are they accendetal or incentivized? Admob will flag you if you have more than 5% and I think it is a done a for a reason. I wonder how you achieve this High ctr

A mix of accidental clicks and ad optimization. For example the lowest CTR for chess, solitaire, bingo etc apps is 3%. Means, at least 2.5% should be accidental, the rest comes from optimization. I’m more interested in the amount of conversions though. :wink: