Did anyone successfully appeal admob app ban?

Today my app got banned from. Admob because of an interstitial that loaded at the start of the app.

I want aware of a new rule against this until now. I want to fix it and appeal.

Has anyone had any luck with appealing an admob app ban?

Yes I got 2 apps back after the appeal…what solution are you going to give? Because this is what they are looking for when they enable ads back

I’ve got an app banned today as well:

THIRD PARTY CONTENT FRAME: publishers are not allowed to enter AdMob ads in applications that show in frame content from other sites or applications without permission of the owners of sites or applications in question.

My app shows a login form in a WebView with a banner on the screen. I bet some stupid bot checks for the simultaneous presence of WebView+AdView and ban hammers it automatically. I surely am making money out of the fantastic content of a login form… :rolleyes:

I will “fix it”, appeal and let you know if they accept it.

Care to give some more details? was it about “LAYOUT ENCOURAGES ACCIDENTAL CLICKS”? What did you say in the appeal?

Update: I made the changes. Removed the interstitial at the start, appealed and they reinstated the app.

What a scary day

They also accepted my appeal after I made the changes, and clearly explained what I did. No human contact whatsoever, sadly.

Yes. I had a banner problem (too close to buttons on some screen sizes, probably caused misclicks), I removed all banners and turned on interstitials just to be safe - they’ve accepted that and reinstated showing ads in that app.

same here, i had interstitial shows up on app launch, caused a loop on some apps where after the interstitial was closed, another showed up. admob banned it last month. changed to showing interstitial only when navigating to different content, without hours admob re-enbaled my ads.

As you rebuilt display advertising AdMob? I made changes to the application (deleted advertising) - just a new APK file to Google Play?