Did anyone monetization with Nokia X ? what ads networks support ?

I just register to nokia x publisher ( 1 Euro register fee life time !! )

There’re said i can deploy my apk file to market but i don’t know what ads network support with Nokia X .

Did anyone monetization with nokia ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

There is no networks officially announced support for it yet , but I have contact with someone from VServ and he said they already started supporting it
Not sure yet

I believe that AdMob and all the other Android ad services will work, is that not the case? My apps with AdMob that were in Opera were migrated to Nokia so I think they are ok with AdMob.

By the way - anyone knows if the phone is already available? Numbers in Nokia Published console show zeroes so either there are no downloads at all for my apps (can be) or the phones have not yet “hit the market”.

all kinds of ads will work but the problem is since most ad networks redirect to play store and nokia doesn’t has play store, the revenue from the ads will be very less.

LOL 1 Euro I got mine for free through Opera, Apparently all apps published on Opera will go to Nokia Market as well.