Did anybody ever tried calldorado.com ?

Does andybody have experience with them ?
Are they legit ?
Are they google confirm ?
How are the revenues ?
How are the payouts ?

Did you receive email from them?

yes i received an email from them - do you have experience with them ?

So nobody here who has tried them already ?

In the past, I tried them for 2 week.
Their rpm is high but you need some special permission.
And their SDK was in development so there were many bug with SDK, especially with Android 5.0+. My app crashed many times with this SDK so the number of download decreased, so I removed SDK out of my app.
In last email they sent to me, they said that their SDK already worked well with Android 5+ but I didn’t try yet.

I am using them. Mostly depends on how ur users react to the Caller ID feature, new permissions and new ads.
If u don’t lose users or get negative reviews then it’s an extra income for sure…

So how much do you earn with them ? More than with your normal ads in the app ? What is your average cpm with them ?

eCPM is about 0.3$ in my case.

Thanks for info.

so how much money do you earn daily with your ads IN the app
and how much money do you earn daily now through calldorado ?