Did Airpush pay your payments ?

I wonder Airpush paid your payments ? My payment time is looking 30 April now. It must be pay 22 March. I’m really sorry.

Any reply to ticket or this post ?

There isn’t a small amount as 50-100$. Exactly 9000$ they dont pay me because they are scam company…

is this is your first payment ?
Have you filled the tax forms ?
Are you sure your bank is not delaying the transaction ?

Do not worry , they always pay …

Hi Winkan,

I apologize if you did not receive payment for some reason. Can you provide me with your account information and I’ll find out what is going on. Payments did go out on Friday so there may have been an issue with your tax form.


You might have missed the Tax forms? Raise a service request to sort out the issue.
IMO they always pay earlier than the expected date :slight_smile:
I got Mar31 payment on 26th March itself.

II always got payment on time, but this time they are delaying. I trust to Airpush so I’ll wait with patient.

i got paid 28th

They said I’ll get 30 April.

Why on 30 April? Is your mistake or airpush? So what was the problem then?

Ticket answer :

“As per the response received from our concerned team, your earning has been processed during March Month end payout. Since, you are included in stacking list, your unpaid March earnings will be processed on 30 April 2013 only.”

That means you are stacking SDKs, which they they state disqualifies you from weekly payments. It’s net 30 like normal then.

Hi Winkan,

Your March earnings will be paid at the end of April. I just sent you a PM with an explanation of our payment schedule and breakdown.


I hava the same problem . I dont recive airpush payment …

Anybody received 30 april payment?

Yep on 25th :slight_smile:

Yes AirPush did pay me on 25th. Thanks AirPush for the payment.

Thank you.

I have a question about Payment.
I have more than $200 at the end of April. (Pending Earnings is $272.33)
And the Next Payment Date 31-May. Can I make a request for weekly payment? What can I do?
And another problem is my Tax Info is not verified yet. I uploaded the W8-Ben Form file 1 month ago.

They process weekly payments if you earned $200 or more for the previous week. This is done on a week by week basis, in that you must earn $200 or more each week to continue to qualify for weekly payments.
I would contact their support regarding the form, they replied quickly when I had trouble with mine once.