Device Frame Generator App For Android

Device Framer

Have Screenshots which has to be shared or to be used in your Promotional Websites? Have Conceptual Designs or Mock-ups which has to be framed? Use Device Framer and Frame them easily and quickly. Share it with your friends, Upload it to Google Drive or Save to your Smartphone.

Device Framer is ultimate companion app for Android Developers and Designers. App Incorporates multiple features and elegant simple UI to carry out your tasks.

Multiple Frames - App has multiple device frame artworks with which you can easily frame your screenshots/mock-ups. More Frames will be added.
Save to Drive - App allows you to Upload your Framed Screenshots/Mock-ups directly to your Google Drive Account
Share Framed Images - You can share the Framed Screenshots/Mock-ups and get Instant feedbacks from your Social Community
Fast and Smooth - You can easily frame the screenshots in a faster and smoother way

I sincerely Expect you guys to give some Feedback, Suggestions or raise Feature Requests. Feel free to use this thread. I hope this app is useful for you. Thanks in advance.

Link to Playstore :

Device Framer Free - Playstore Web Version


Sounds interesting - I will try your app now. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your review in playstore…