Development or reskinnig?

Hi developers :slight_smile: I just wanna ask you referring to your experience, whis is better to get more download and income ,is it developing my own apps or just buying a source code and then i reskin it??
Iโ€™m so confused :confused: so please give me an answer :frowning:

Most of the code you might buy will be a copy of another game/app. I heard that Google may ban you for that.

If you have good ideas and skills, better try to build your ownโ€ฆ

Good luck

Thank you I with try to learn java :frowning:

You will never lose what you learnt, so go for it :slight_smile:

Yeah :cool::thumbup:

Well I guess I am going to advise you to move forward with developing the application from scratch, you can also re-skin the apps but it required much more attention rather than developing it from the scratch, sometimes skinning gets you onto trouble as joining all the split ends of the application requires a lot of effort rather than developing the application from the start re-skinning isnโ€™t preferred if you are trying to re-skin the code which is coded by some other developer as it may get you onto trouble. So, I would say better would be to develop the app from the scratch.