I came here to give everyone a heads up that a developer on Samsung that goes by the name of Deepak Kumar is ripping off people’s apps and publishing as his own on Samsung App Market Place.

He has even stolen a few of my apps and screenshots including this one here.

Download Glitter Peacocks Live Wallpaper Android Live Wallpapers | mobile9


His email that is registered to Samsung App MARKET IS: [email protected]

He appears to be from India his website is

He is also appears to be injecting his own ads in to these apps using or a similar service or by decompiling the apps.

I knew something was up when we was blasting tons of apps that had screenshots from different devices, usually when people make and publish apps they have their own unique style of doing so.

Edit: Upon further investigation is looks like he is taking people’s apps from Mobile9 and publishing to Samsung. I noticed 5 of my apps he has published.

It seems that several people are copying games and publishing under their own name on this platform …
look here: Download Lep’s World Android Games APK - leps lep’sworld lep’s world Lep super Maria | mobile9
Somebody even copied “Lep`s World” and published on his own name … curious !

I hate those poeple . Also my games are copied again and again and then published under different name in play store or in amazon store or apple store or somewhere else.
I think i am using 5 hours per week to find those games and to delete them!

I am feeling shame of this guy because he’s from India…send a DMCA notice to that guy…

I sent 2 emails to Samsung, One that handles Samsung Apps Market, and one to the guy that handles Samsung Partner Accounts, this guy also somehow got a Partner account on Samsung.

Lot of the apps he has as paid apps that have ads in them, that live wallpaper has Hummermobi in it so not sure how and why it even got approved since they banned notification ads on the Samsung app store.

May be he has contacts in Samsung store side or he works in there…I have a friend who works in Samsung apps side I will contact him and get more Intel on this…

Send a mail to this bastard and realize him about it.
Additionally issue DMCA request on the store.
I have come across a theif on GP who did similar thing to my App. He had another apps as well and all were stolen. He targetted apps with high rankings.
Google removed his app which was my replica.

I feel shame on this guy Deepak. A single sinner sinks the boat.

By adding C++ code to the basic functionalty of your app solves this piracy problem.

I emailed him twice but no responses.

Just don’t tell that you are from India :wink: True, that indian is the most cheater nation on the world. Yesterday, one from India cheated me and mmkkkssss by selling account, after get cash, vanished. I also was cheated so many times on, always India. Second is Pakistan and North Africa. I don’t know why they do it. They have internet, knows about google play, knows how to make money with ad networks, so why they are cheating for couple bucks? But this is India :slight_smile: Sorry…80% western people run when see indian freelancer. :slight_smile:

I’m not racist but come on, wtf with indian cheaters? :smiley:

Looks like you are taking your personal revenge here.
Rather share sonething useful to avoid such piracy acts. That will surely help and appreciated. Criticising people won’t stop them duplicating the stuff.

Yeah I am from India…India is not most cheater nation in the world its the people you worked with are cheaters…Just don’t blame whole nation cause you just pissed with some moron’s…

…but we cannot win, there is not possibility to hide anything. My app was using proguard, base64 coded links to get parameters from URI and they grabbed even from server oO
proguard can stop little noob cheaters but not more advanced.

Proguard - complicated to use with games and projects with big ammount of classes and libraries
Server - you can send apk package name to server and check conditions on server with php files (still can be broken but harder than proguard if you are not checking conditions in app)

Don’t take on this guy alone. Get in touch with other app developers whose apps have been pirated too. Flag the pirated apps and email Samsung about it collectively. This adds weight to your case and would probably get his account shut down.

Don’t be happy with just getting your app offline; teach the SOB a lesson!

Hi guys. We are much concerned about all these endless stories about ripping off apps, injecting them with ads, publishing them on 3rd party stores etc. So we want to help.

Please check out Appwatermark project. It is a side project of Addvertize network and it will be launched soon. Basically it will give you a protection from:

-reverse engineering
-ads/in-app billing etc removal
-any kind of injections or manipulations with source code

No coding required, just an APK file and couple of minutes are needed, which is extremely handy.

The best part here is that it will be affordable for indie developers, not to say about several free “welcome” integrations :slight_smile: