Developers and Resellers wanted for Mobile Database Synchronization product


Our company, MobileFast Corporation has released dbAppSync, a complete Database Synchronization solution to maintain local SQLite databases in Android devices synchronized with a central MS SQL Server.

Using dbAppSync our developer partners can forget about the complexities of database synchronization and concentrate on writing great apps. We take care of shuttling data back and forth (new records, edited and/or deleted records on any side) between MS SQL Server and the Android devices with ZERO coding effort on your part.

This technology can be applied to any type of application (ERP, Sales, Distribution) that requires up-to-date data to be maintained in the device.

dbAppSync is a professionally-made application, with full transactional support, filtering and logging, plus a server-side IDE application (the dbAppSync Studio) where you specify which tables, fields and indexes need to be synchronized.

We are looking for beta testers for the initial release, and also for development and reseller partners. We have a reseller program with several types of partnering opportunities (developers, resellers and affiliates) so for you dbAppSync might not only be a great technology tool but also a source of revenue.

If you are developing and/or marketing Android applications we would like to talk to you!

You can learn more about dbAppSync here: and you can also post any questions in this forum.

Looking forward to talking to you!
The dbAppSync Dev Team