Developer Tools website - Bring in ideas!

Hey guys,

I just planned to make a website that contains tools for iOS/Android developers. I want you all to help me with ideas for it; what you’d want from such a website.

Currently I want those two main things:

  • Unique download link
    Redirect user to the store download link, depending on the device(iPhone/iPod, iPad, Android).
  • Screenshots creator
    Drag one set of screenshots and the service will create screenshots for all resolutions.

Looking forward to hear your ideas!

List of most common libraries used
Icon generator tools (or 9 patch editor)

Looking forward for it

Screenshot and icon generator will be cool :thumbup:

Have you got a link to the site so far? I’m only asking as I’m interested in how it looks and I can give suggestions that way.
You’re initial plans are what I would be looking for to start with anyway :slight_smile: