developer opens a number of fictitious Google+ accounts in order lower my rating.

Hello Everyone,

What can I do with developer that opens a number of fictitious Google+ accounts in order lower my app rating?
Each day it opens another account and entered all my applications and ranks them with one star ):
he copies every new application I open, including its name and description. is consistently attempting to sabotage my work as a developer and has opened a number of fictitious Google+ accounts (Syoma Goldstein, Zahi Grinboim, Helis Mamun, Jhonatan weintrup and more) in order to rate my applications with one star, in order to lower my rating.

What can I do to make it stop? Would love to get suggestions of what to do in the above case, This guy causing damage to my career as an Android developer.

For example three of my apps with the fictitious Google+ accounts


  1. Report the reviews (won’t do much I suppose).
  2. Make sure your real users post much more reviews than he does by asking them to review.
  3. Block Samsung Galaxy S2 from supported devices.

Third point should solve it for now. The real problem is not rating bcoz it will improve if app is liked by real users. The problem is that Google may sniff these fake ratings and ban your app/account. So better get in touch with Google support before the harm is done. For websites same happens with back links and Google had released disvow tool for webmasters. The same has not yet happened with play store apps.

Thats low! Hope he gets ban forever.

report to support as fast as possible, if this keep happening google may ban your account