Developer machine on the go...

Dear fellow developers,

as I mentioned in another topic (link), I’m planning of releasing more Android applications in the near future. Because I’m traveling long distances on regular basis for my primary job, I’m looking for a portable solution to combine this.

I think that the Macbook Air 11" will suit my situation (1.4 ghz CPU, 256GB SDD, 8gb ram), I like to travel light. Does anybody have any experience using a Macbook air 11" in combination with Android development? I’m used to do some light development using Android Studio. At home, I will connect the laptop to my 24" screen and external mouse + keyboard.

Can somebody give me some feedback on this idea?

Are you comfortable with using MacOS? I personally hate that system. And I have MacMini that has similar specs and is slow like hell. Also 11’’ is quite small, like a tablet while it has quite poor resolution (only 768 vertical, unless they upgraded it recently?)…

I personally very like those small CLEVO W230SS machines. 13 inch, full HD matte IPS (the newest version even has some retina displays to choose from), you can get them with i7. I use mine with Ubuntu (development, with turned off NVidia GPU it’s very quiet) and Windows (for my music studio and playing games, it has quite a good GPU for a laptop). The price is a bit higher though I suppose and they might be hard to get in some countries (in mine we have a company that deals in them, rebranded).

well, I am going to give a thumbs up over here I have used it over and over and still loved it, I guess its good for working your way with development. Just go for it !

i7, 16gb ddr3, nvidia 540m laptop, added SSD 500gb(3 discs in laptop, 2 standard places and removed DVD) and monitor LG 27", wireless keyboard and mouse (top microsoft devices), eclipse and system on SSD.
I had mac mini, it’s shitty system…

@SouLnl, I am using MBA 13inch with i5, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD + 128GB Transcend SD card. The pros are:

  1. 6-7 hours battery life which u can’t get with other windows laptops
  2. Backlit keyboard
  3. Lightweight
  4. Decent performance. I have eclipse ADT holding 100+ apps in it at a time.

With i7, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD you will get better performance than what I am getting. 11inch may be too small if you want to watch movies etc. Give 13inch a look

Thank you all for your feedback. This weekend I tried the 13" MBA and I decided that the box standard 13" will do for me (exception for the 256GB SDD). Thank you all for the feedback. Case closed :slight_smile: