Developer Directory

Hi David,
Is it possible to add my blog to your Developer Directory?
Here is my blog:

If it’s not possible don’t worry :slight_smile:

Sure is - I’ve added you now! Let me know if you’d like the title or description changed at all.

Hi David,
thank you very much.
It’s perfect!!! :slight_smile:


me to? xD (just asking g) … the submission form shows a blank page after submitting somehow

Hi David,

Can you please add my blog post too in your Developer Directory??
Here is my blog link:
CreatioSoft blog


Ok, added you both to the Directory! :slight_smile: Not sure why the submission form was showing a blank page, reiti - it logged your submission in the system and worked fine when I tested it. Maybe a browser glitch?

Hi David,
Is there some trouble with the form or am I just impatient? I submitted my blog twice (first about 2 weeks ago). Could you add it also to the list? Thanks! Turska Games for Android

The form is working properly, I just hadn’t approved the latest batch of requests yet. Your blog is added now! :slight_smile:

Thanks! So, I was just too impatient…

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