Developer Console warning message { We have identified a potential policy violation }

I was checking my developer console and I found a yellow high lighted message on the top of Application list saying :
"We have identified a potential advertising ID policy violation with your app(s) , Please review the flagged apps "

and I can see a yellow flag on the apps list with another message saying :
"We have determined that your app uses a library or SDK that in violation with the Advertising ID policy … , apps in violation may be subject to permanent removal from the store "

and it states clearly the SDK in violation , I know it is not the Ad Network fault as I am using an old version of the SDK

Have any one faced this warning before ?

Do you know if there is a time window to correct the situation ,
what if I just ignored the warning ?

Did you update the app recently or is this a older that is not updated for a very long time?

these apps was just published yesterday

You should definitely update the apps. Don’t risk it as Google is definitely serious about using ADVERTISER_ID instead of SECURE_ID.

Pharaoh, which ad network sdk u using. Most are compliant by now.

I was using old startapp search box SDK , but now I have to remove it

My old unpublished app has been flags as advertising ID policy violation. Should I bother or just left it be?

I have the same problem. Application that was unpublished for almost a year just got this warning. It has old TapJoy version bundled in it so this was the problem. Just to be on the safe side I’ve removed TapJoy and published it without it two days ago. Unfortunately warning is still there.
Do you know then Google check for advertising ID policy violation? Is it after application was publish or is it just a random scan?

same here - 3 unpublished apps got this flag ~2 days ago for airpush and playheaven, 2 new for leadbolt this morning. All unpublished. To be on safe side I updated APK with a dummy “This app was removed” screen created in Corona quickly but for two test apps I lost the key and they will remain there.

PS. Is there an option to remove / delete an app completely rather than just unpublishing?

Did warning disappear from application with dummy screen?

No, there is no way to delete application if it was published before.

> Did warning disappear from application with dummy screen?

No - it is still there. I believe there is a bot that checks from time to time.

My understanding is the same. They probably scan application from time to time to check if there are violations or not.

Please be so kind and let me know if it disappears and how many days passed after you published “fixed” apk. I’ll do the same if mine is gone.

Just to let you know that my warning just disappeared after 3 days.

Hi, got the flag removed for the “dummy” apps I have published … it took Google ~1 day. But I still have two test apps made with Game Maker where I do not know (or I have lost) the key used to sign. Given there is no way to retrieve a lost key and no way to delete apps from the store I am stuck :frowning:

Edit: Thanks to CrashPlan I manage to retrieve my GameMaker key and updated last two apps on my accounts that were raising the AdvertisingID flag. So my account should be clear soon.

Contact Google about it because if they ban you it will be too late.

How can you contact Google about anything? I cant even find an email address to contact them with.

tgere is a question mark button on top right in developer console from where you can contact them I have not tried it yet

Yes I used that button once as one of my apps was removed from the store without warning/e-mails, they replied and I got the app back to the store

I believe it is an random scan. I lost my app configuration setup because it was using outdated library and I can’t seem to make it work. My last choice is to create a new app using the old keystore…

Anyone getting app removed because of old SDK on unpublished/old app?

I hope it does not happen because I have many unpublished apps…