Developer Come In

hi, fellow developers. I would like to ask you guys some questions. I am a programmer who create non-game apps. I wasted most of my time building j2me apps (even when i knew it was dead), so now i want to move to android development. I have read alot of pdfs and i have gotten ideas for some apps but am confused cause i have been following this forum for some weeks now and i av been reading some bad/good reports. So i want to ask what are my chances of earning 6k/month (cause i need money 4 a project) and how for a non-game app. Secondly what kind of ad network will you recommend (cause alot of you are complaining abt admob lately). Thirdly how much do you earn on an average app(game/non-game). Fourthly how much do you earn daily with how many app. Lastly what are the things i should take note off. Pls reply and will rate ur app in return.

Most people who complain about admob are people doing illegal stuff or advertising other adnetworks because they get paid for recommending those networks.

thanks 4 reply. But what did u mean by illegal stuff and what experience did u have with admob.