Develop a manga app for Android! Which ads network to choose?

Well, I will soon release a new manga reader app for Android.

Been researching around for a while, which ads network do you guys recommend me to integrate?

FYI, I believe my target users will be spread around the globe (40% US, 60% for rest of the worlds). So I do prefer any ads network with global reach and inventory.

Hope to hear from u guys soon. Thanks! :cool:

Depends what ad units you’re going to use.

This should help: Ad networks - Android library statistics |

Thanks for the reply. Well, so far I’ve been using Admob for my other apps. Banner ads only, eCPM is dropping like crazy. Really wonder if Airpush or any ads network will give me a higher yield?

You should definitely use some other Ad Networks for your banner ads too. Admob have a track record for randomly banning developers, but that’s not to say they will do that to you. It’s just best to spread your eggs across different baskets.
Try out Admob’s mediation and add some other ad networks into the mix, like AppBrain or MillenialMedia for example.
Current eCPMs across the industry are low due to a number of factors anyway, which happens this time each year.

You will definitely see better yields from Airpush etc.
I recommend StartApp, especially if you have a lot of users in the U.S. You get paid per download with them and with minimal intrusion on the user’s device compared to push ads.
You can sign up with them via the referral link in my signature and even get $25 bonus when you hit 100 downloads!

I would try out AppBucks ( too. They are like Airpush, but they are newer and cleaner with the way they run their system.

Hope that helps!