Detect ADB connected ?

Does anyone know how to detect if the ADB is connected ?

This is NOT:

  • is usb plugged in? eg: getting this from battery info
  • is adb enabled? eg: Settings.Secure.getInt(c.getContentResolver(), Settings.Secure.ADB_ENABLED);

-someone figured out how to cheat at WordHero using adb shell input tap x,y

Well… sheeeit… cheat detecting is not going to work, as the client signs the server connection appropriately. :frowning:

I have been looking at this for a few hours, but I got nothing so far. I thought about checking for the ADB server, but I cannot even figure out how to detect that. Adb server is probably not even in Java land anyway!

Ideas ?

Problem solved. Check the deviceId from the MotionEvent.

Well, that’s great encountered and error and have correct the error on your own ! I would say you should start your own tutorial over here where you will help other newbie developers over here ! :smiley: