Designed for Families at GP

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Google announced a new program called Designed for Families. Under certain conditions, apps designed for Kids and Families will be screened for quality and are supposed to get more exposure to users searching for Kids and Family apps.

This looks like a good chance for both consumers to get better quality apps and developers to get more visibility for their apps.

I hope the screening will be done manually and quality will be really high as Google promised us. Let’s see.

Here is the publication:


They have some strict ads policy requirements. But the big thing for me is that your app or game cannot use Google Play Game Services or G+ SignIn. Families - Play Console Help

Well, there is always pros and cons. I like the approach for screening the apps. That would eliminate most of the spam, piracy, low-quality apps or similar.
I hope the approved apps will get more visibility, which is a decent advantage for small developers having no money or knowledge about marketing.
Downside is the restrictions, sure.

Hi, I certified one of my apps with “For the Family” program. it is free app with ads from Admob.
After receiving the acceptation for the program from Google, the app is not serving ads. Zero Fill Rate.
Maybe it is temporary till the program will be official? Do somebody else have experience with this?

Is your app showing ads now? It was because of the “Deisgned For Families” acceptance?

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I opened a case in Admob and explained the issue. They checked with technical team and after 4-5 days answered me that it is better for now to opt-out from the “Designed for family” program because of technical issues.
I opted-out and the ads returned to appear immediately (after ~3 hours).

So, it is supposed to be a good program, but wright now it does not works with ads based monetizing model.

Hey guys,
do you have any news from Google about the program? They promised to launch it in May. I know May is not over yet, but it’s about a month since they announced the Designed for Families, and there are no news since then…

We are almost there… Google might launch its “Designed for Families” program at Google I/O 2015

They sent a message about launch - 28 May 2015.
Certified apps with Admob still not showing ads.


I’ve configured my app like AdMob says in

Bundle extras = new Bundle();
extras.putBoolean(“is_designed_for_families”, true);

AdRequest request = new AdRequest.Builder()
.addNetworkExtrasBundle(AdMobAdapter.class, extras)

but I get 0% fill rate. Do you know if is still impossible to use AdMob with “designed for families” program?

Do anyone know which ad networks are suitable for designed for families program?