Design of Apps

Hi guys,

I’ve be thinking about improving the design of my apps as this usually makes a huge impact on the reviews. Looking for designers and design offices that work with apps, I found

To test their work, I asked a design improvement of one of my apps and they really did a great work! I paid $600 and considered a fair price. What do you think about? Anyone had a previous experience with designing/designers?


Well, I would not touch anyone with a website that bad. It is literally a masterpiece of bad user interface design !

Even if you click on “Apps and Webs” … there no examples or links or anything on the resulting page. Why should anyone hire them ?

Got to agree with mind. Even worse than this travesty:

I agree. I went to the site and was confused even what to click on. I don’t know if I’d trust them to make the ui in my apps better based on that website.

Which app did they redesign for you? Maybe if we actually see the work they did we would have more faith in them.

Better yet - show us before and after photo. But I suppose you are one of them and try to promote yourself here. :slight_smile:

This sounds very fishy.
If you want to promote your own company here just be honest about it. That way you will get much more feedback on this forum. Now it looks like you are trying to fool us into contacting your company.

I take back my words if you are a real developer, but the way the post is written really makes it look like a advert for the company.

I do like design so maybe you can post some of the work the company has done (for you). I did not find a portfolio on the website.

$600,- is cheap if its really for a complete app design (logo, color scheme, UI, banners etc) so thats positive.


I was looking for real designers… not only “UI makers”. They make commercial design and almost art work… they never had work with app designing but accepted the challenge to improve my “Kiss Test” app:

I didnt updated the app at google play yet. The “after” will be: