Dentist recommendations in Pattaya?

Didn’t see any recent posts on dentists in Pattaya, was hoping to find a recommendation for a good dentist that can do both implants and crowns. Thanks in advance for any insight.

Oh, I know how hard is to find a good one.

Hey! Unfortunately, I’m not from Pattaya, and I can’t recommend a good dentist there. I would like to help you with a good recommendation because I know how complicated it is to find a good orthodontist. I can recommend asking friends, family, and co-workers or searching the internet a lot. There are a lot of specialists we don’t know about. I found out about - the clinic where the whole family goes to the dentist through friends to some colleagues at work. I never expected to find an orthodontist through such people. So search as much as you can, and you will surely find a good dentist.