Deep Ocean 3D - Live Wallpaper + Rate exchange

Hi, community!


I have just released a Live Wallpaper - Deep Ocean 3D

Dive into beautiful underwater world. Explore the deep of ocean.

Hi, guys! I am really glad to introduce our new 3D Live Wallpaper - Deep Ocean 3D.
You will find more than 50 types of fish and animals: shark, turtle, stingray, dolphin, orca, sperm whale, penguin and etc.
The app perfect works on tablets and phones, it provides high quality picture and animation on any resolution or device.

The wallpaper is absolutely customizable, there are 100 options, that you can tune. Make your own aquarium! Enjoy the ocean!

Please, download, review, rate and share it. Thanks, friends!

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I don’t mind rate exchange. Give me 5 start and review and I will give you back!