Decompile Android APK Online

Decompile APK :slight_smile:

Step One: Get the APK

The first step in analyzing an Android app is to get the actual APK that’s loaded onto the device. Fortunately, there is a site called APK Downloader which allows us to do just that. By getting the link to the app of your choice from the Google Play Store and pasting it into APK Downloader, you can download a local copy of the app APK in APK Downloader Download Directly |

Step Two: Decompile APK

After we have the APK, we need to unpack and decompile the contents into its equivalent Java code. This used to be a pretty lengthy process using tools such as the android apktool. Fortunately for us, someone has also setup a web-based service which automatically performs the decompilation process on a given APK in Android APK Decompiler

and this is useful to… steal other’s codes?

@cscs it can help you to learn like others developers are working

And to make a copycat app


Desperate “developers” who wants to make money with zero knowledge and invention.

Shouldn’t be called developers.

I may add here, that there is an alternative.
You may use open-source APK and DEX decompiler called Jadx:
It has also online version here: APK decompiler - decompile Android .apk ? ONLINE ?