Dear Phil from Airpush

Hi Phil,

As you probably have noticed, there are many complains regarding Airpush CPM drops, and about net7 payments became net30.

We here at this forum are big customers of Airpush (with thousands of users and apps).

The least that we expect from Airpush is to explain whats going on and when it will be fixed.

Ignoring the situation will just make us go and try other networks instead, give bad feedback on the web and recommend people to stay away from airpush.

Please let us know ASAP, what’s going on and when it will be fixed before people will lose patience and leave.

Waiting for your response.

Airpush customers.

They don’t pay to me since 23 december… ;/
And now nobody answer. Within a few days i will call to a debt collection company.

I totally agree with Mizizi.

One more question: Why does the support ignore questions regarding payment?


I did write them 2. And i got response.

Here it is:

Thank you for contacting Airpush Support

Your CPM largely depends upon the advertising campaigns served through your app and the geographic distribution of your user base. CPM’s vary based on app category / location / time of day / mobile operator and advertising rates. CPM’s are not always constant but we do our best to optimize your app’s inventory.

Do revert back for any further assistance.

Best Regards,

Senddroid looks like the better choice now. Or are they experiencing the same ECPM drop?

CPM 0,40 fill rate 30%?(ads only for 15-20 countrys).

Oh, i have reply too, about my payment (already it’s NET43:D)

Please be informed that we have not processed payment on Dec 23-31
earnings, you will get payment on next payouts on 8th Feb.

Please come back to us if you have any further questions.
Best Regards,
Airpush Support

A week ago, my account manager, and some one from support said me that my payment ( for dates of December 23-31) will be send on 31 January. ;//

About CPM:
From my Developer account (icon,smart wall, push(3 per day+1 from LB) I have 0,8 -1$ and its normal… nothing change.
Only 31 January i have 0 at all? When i check my CPM now i seen thats money from 31 was gone in dashboard(in payments i have it).

I’m also a advertiser, only for my country. Min bid is 0.01$ but if i use this, i have only 20,000-40 000 push…
So i use 0,01 for smart wall, and 0,02 for push. I have 3 phones, and I see ad at one of them every 2-3 days.
Yesterday stats:
362,354 14,969 4.13 % $0.017 $258.07 - Well… cost per 1k ads it’s somewhere about: 1,4$.

PS. Banner ads have 3% CTR and text ads have 4-5%. (maybe i have bad banners:) Or maybe you guys try don’t use image notyfication ? Or use better image icon for it?

4 notifications per day??? Why do you hate your users so much?

Some developers are receiving their payments, so I expect this is just a technical problem and a bit of bad luck…
Airpush has payment problems since ever, but they always pays.

Regarding this thread, I can identify 3 issues: CPM drop, change of payment method (net7 to net30) and delays of payments. It would be great if we could hear some words from airpush about that, but, IMO:

  1. CPM is getting lower in ALL ads networks, not only airpush. That makes me think that this is a combination of a seasonal issue and growing amount of devs/apps using ads.
  2. Change of payment seems to be a strategic decision to reward devs that use only airpush notification ads.
  3. I think delays of payments has to do with item (2). But I agree it is not nice when support just ignore the questions. By the way, Phil always helped me with my questions and thanks to him I think we can still keep a dialog with airpush.

For money. Try it.
And after it, if you have more than >3% more uinstall i will pay you 1000$ ; )

Maybe, they replied me:

Due to some technical issues the payment was not processed on 31st
January. Your payment will be processed on 8th February.

And it works. Ad networks - Android library statistics |
A week ago, LB had more than 4% “of apps”. Yesterday it was 3.96% and today, only 3.95%…

Are you serious? It does not affect ratings/uninstalls?
I set 1 push per day. With 4 pushes I know I wont make 4x my current revenue, but how much I may expect?

Do you make under $500 a day with apps? If so, Your small and nothing to airpush really.

As for weekly, I mean c’mon…your stacking networks…LOL What do you expect? If people stacked offers in the CPA industry…payment terms change to, it’s just how it is. Deal with it or don’t stack networks.

Sure eCPM sucks right now, But oh well, I’ll take a lower eCPM over net-60 payments any day anytime.

Sure go try other networks, Have fun getting your money 6 months after you send it, Because on AP and SD pay with realistic terms, Hell even Leadbolt can’t get their payments right (They still owe me a wire from the 15th of January for a few K)

Listen man, Not to be an asshole, but unless your doing $1k a day or something from apps, Ad networks don’t need you, They have tons of advertisers …and that’s all they need, app publishers and app’s are a dime a dozen.

4 notifications is a bit abusive lol.

I do 2.

But I also run other stuff that’s better then push :wink:


Yes I am aware of some developers experiencing lowered CPM. I am not ignoring the situation. Various factors contribute to CPM fluctuation as I am sure you know. In any network CPM will decrease and increase at times. This is how the ecosystem works. CPM should bump back this week.

As for Weekly payment. Yes, we have added a new rule to the program. If you are stacking SDKs with other networks for push or icon you are no longer eligible for the FREE weekly pay program. If you are stacking you can still participate in the weekly pay program for a fee of 15%. Other networks are charging 20-25%. If you decide to use Airpush exclusively we will convert your account back to Net 7. Otherwise you will be paid on net30 which is still faster than the industry norm.

Please PM me if you have any additional questions.



Are you still having issues with payment? I see your next payment will be released this week. Also I see your last payment went through on 12/28. Let me know if payment is still an issue.


Hope no…
Support told me today:

Thank you for contacting Airpush.

Due to some technical issues the payment was not processed on 31st
January. Your payment will be processed on 8th February.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

I hope that I will not need to write to You/Support again, after 8th February;)

Can you elaborate more about the other stuff?

Phil, can you please answer me why am I getting this:

Interstitial JSON: {“status”:150,“message”:“Ads not available”,“count”:0,“url”:""}
Why are ads not avaliable?

I often have this message, since my country does not have ads for the smart wall all the time.
Are you from USA? If not, this is probably what is happening…


Can you PM me your information. I will speak with our support department as to why you are seeing that error.