David sucks!

Why you do nothing? @david

I reported users:
fckramzixp - my nick is ramzixp
magyya - it’s multiaccount created to flame me
jim - probably multiaccount of these first accounts, also only flame me

I reported this thread:

Created only to flame and offend me, without any proofs. I have good opinions and feedbacks in my business from many experienced, old users. This thread is bumped everyday with some ONE FREAK and STUPID KID, even I haven’t any activity on forums, they are bully me, ruins my reputation and offend me.

So what I am going to do next week? As I promised, I finish my business here in 4 days and going to leave this crappy forum.

Sadly that administrator don’t want to listen user, registered in 2012, with such post counter, still active in these forums. You don’t listen to me for last 3 weeks:
-i used skype
-report system on forums
…and I feel like talking with some wall…

I am not idiot so, good bye MMWA soon. BTW. reputation here is some nonsense, we are surrounded by idiots and freaks everyday. Sadly…

You don’t need to reply if you don’t want, I am leaving forum in 4 days, so I don’t care you ;/

Goodbye Ramzixp :smiley: ! There are still more users coming to this forum.

@ramzixp I am also leaving this forum for good…its not worth at all now…Also moving from android to ios and Windows…Making games for steam,iOS and windows now on…I will look for another 5 days and that’s all

Spam count and its percentage is keep on increasing day by day. Out of 10 thread 8 are spam now.

Its better everyone leave this forum :frowning:

Is there any alternative forum?

then get the leomaster app

Fück fück fück fück fück fück fück the spam @david @jim @fckramzixp @everyone

OF COURSE NOT DAVID; Ryan; charlie; tom(maybe).
All issues with takedowns have been fixed.