David Please fix the forum Spam Filter , or ask for volunteers admins

Please fix the forum spam filter ,
We are drawing in spams here , cannot find a thread without going over 100 spam thread ,
If you are busy why not ask for some help from volunteers admins .

I sent him a pm last week suggesting a minimum post count before you can start a new thread but he hasn’t responded yet. Hopefully he sees this because its ruining the forum

Thanks all for continuing to report the spammers. I’m working on a way to stop this. Have tried a few automated anti-spam filters, without much success. I know it’s messing up the experience here, so I’ll do my best to get it fixed. I appreciate your ongoing patience.

It’s a pain to keep manually deleting all the spam, but at the moment that’s what I’ve had to do. In the long term, the plan is to accept volunteers from the community to act as moderators, so this kind of thing can be kept under control even when I’m not online myself.

Thank you for your reply ,
It is good to hear from you , as I have not seen recent posts from you
Well , We know how hard to control such bug community individually , thats why I suggested to appoint some mods and I think most of us will welcome this
May be there are other manual solutions like minimum number of posts , or a simple captcha to create a thread , or time interval between posts
Anyway , it is your call :slight_smile:

What worked wonders in our forums is having a simple question in the register phase. (Does already have that? can’t remember). For example: “What color is the Android Logo?” All others, like capcthas failed misserably.

Yes, this approach was working great for the forums here. But in the past couple of months, something changed and suddenly a ton of spammers were making it through that filter. So it’s not possible to rely on that any more.

@david, nice to see you back. So where did you visit during year end?

yes you needn’t delete the spam manually. Just figure out some automated way, till then I think we can bear it.

How about making some moderators? I am up for moderating marketing forum :slight_smile:

Me too:) marketing or buy/sell section

I wouldn’t mind volunteering for the ad networks section, I’ve worked with almost every rep here and check the threads at least 10 times a day anyways :rolleyes:

Hello David. I can work from 5am to 17pm. UTC (GMT0)
I can moderate buy/sell offtopic and ad. networks.

You’re the person concerned. Sell books ​​and collect refferals
The moderator should be impartial person IMHO

Im willing to moderate every section if needed. I do not sell anything on this forum so I have no interest in blocking competition. I check the forum whenever I can, when I wake up, have a pauze or just when I feel the need to. I also know the rules of the forum very well.

For fück sakes get a admin or moderator @david