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I expect ads here to pay for the membership free forum. I’m OK with that, however it would be nice if they were relevant to drones. When I saw this ad below I’m thinking, why is this sexy girl in dating site? Do they know this is a “mostly Guys” forum, and we obviously have thousands to spend on “hobbies” to produce endorphins in our brains, so why not?

I know this isn’t a remarking ad because I don’t visit dating sites.

Maybe it’s just coincidental this forum is all about Chinese products, and this dating site is for Chinese girls. Hmm. Maybe they’re thinking is… we like Chinese drone HARDWARE so much, spending thousands of dollars per bird, that we would also like to spend thousands on Chinese SOFTWARE too.

She’s pretty cute, eh?

I didn’t get any dating advertising on this forum, I didn’t got any advertising at all. But that chick is hot, I wouldn’t mind seeing her while I scroll through forums. Hell yeah I’m ready for a relationship with her. :o

I guess this girl is here to relax you guys! I don’t mind about this kind of ads and I think you should not be also. If you don’t like it, just scroll forward, no one forces you to watch or visit the site that they’re watching. Without ads, this forum might not even exist. I also agree that Google sends you ads based on your preferences, I mean on sites you visit. I’m often on dating sites but I use them, not for dating but for pleasure. I like to watch girls. My mind is perverse. So, as soon as I visited, Google started sending me ads from different dating sites, Datehookup included. So yeah, cheeky you!

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Not only women want to love and be loved. It’s just as important for men to find their love and find a reliable rear, warmth and care.

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