Data Monetization for Android apps: Earn up to $ 10k/mo with 0 efforts.

Hi developers!

I’m glad to share a new article explaining what is data monetization and how to make it work for you: —>

In a nutshell, data monetization for Android apps:

  1. Is a long-lasting revenue-driver.
  2. Works with NON-PERSONAL data only. All your users stay anonymous and protected.
  3. With data monetization, you can capitalize on 100% of in-app users.
  4. Data monetization generates revenue to any category of mobile apps.
  5. The data collection takes place in the background, so the user’s experience stays untouched.
  6. Weightless and non-interrupting SDK.
  7. Data monetization won’t harm your existing SDKs

You can learn more about data monetization [b]HERE[/b] and start today.

All the best!