Daily Report

I use adBuddiz full screen ads on my tic tac toe and triangle calculator apps. I average about every other day an install on the triangle calculator and currently have 15 current installs and 79 total installs, since October. Then with my tic tac toe app i spent what i felt like a lot of time on it perfecting it, but feel it could be better. I have no current installs on it but have 3 total installs since I published it earlier this month. One person used it for 2 days then uninstalled it. Any Idea on how i can improve, and would like people to post there opinion about my apps. I am thinking about making a Libgdx game, have an idea but having Java errors. Since i learned java, I would like to expand over to the gaming side.


Your apps are so ugly. Move forward.

ok, it is true… Learn some Design and UX and then try again… if you dont want to learn design or UX then you need to move forward…

Your apps are no good. Your GUI is designed bad.

  1. Your buttons are not aligned well, there should be some pattern, I can’t see it.
  2. The margin from top is too big on the main page (the one with difficulty levels to select)
  3. The buttons look bad, I’d go with flat design and choose nice colors for them, I would not use this border of yours.
  4. You absolutely cannot present the results as you did here on the screens. You use just the top-left part of the screen and don’t use any title of the page or anything.
  5. Margin from top should be the same for the first screen and for the results screen. Its best to be consistent between the screens.
  6. Users want to see their win/loss ratio, statistics for each difficulty level should be kept close (or in the same row).
  7. The icon is bad and not related to game GUI.
  8. Displaying the game field as 9 strange-looking rounded rectangles is not the best idea I think
  9. The “I go first” looks strange. I did not play the game
  10. There is just one screen with the gameplay, and its far away on the list. You should give at least two screens - one with like 2 X and 2 O, the other one with 3 X in a row and you should present how you show the winner - I hope you don’t just redirect the user to result page when he has 3 X in a row? You draw some line and show it for a while, or something?
  11. What if the game ends draw? Don’t you count draws?
  12. The splashscreen is also not good. The font is bad. Simplicity is sometimes nice, but this is just cheap, it shows that you put no effort on these things.
  13. All the graphics are clearly done in paint in few seconds. If you indeed use windows’ Paint, download Paint.net ( from getpaint.net ) - its easy to use and much more powerful tool than the built-in Paint.