daily installs suddenly increase and then decrease again !? Why ?

I released a new app some months ago. Then after some promotion the app got about 1000 - 2000 daily installs …
After 1 month suddenly the daily downloads increased to about 10000 installs per day !
Thats great - but only after 4 or 5 days the downloads decreased again to 1000 - 2000 (like it was before)

The strange thing is: i did nothing change anything on the app… also app rankings, keyword rankings and so on was same all time. The app also was NOT featured on google play.

So why can this happen ?

Now again i have the exactly same thing:
I published a new game app about 1 month ago. After 2 weeks (with promotion of course) i got about 2000-3000 daily installs.
Now again suddenly the daily installs increased massivly to 50000 installs per day !!!
I got 50000 daily installs for about 4-5 days now …
but now the same thing! since yesterday the daily installs dropped from 50000 daily installs to only 10000 daily installs ( in 1 day !!!)

After i got those huge installs - of course my app rankings were very good … i was ranked in over 100 countries … in 20 countries i was top 5 in game adventure

So why do i get only 10000 installs now ? and i think it will decrease now from day to day … i think in 2 or 3 days it will be only 2000-3000 daily installs again…

For me this makes not any sense

With bad rankins and keyword positions i suddenly got 50000 daily downloads…

Now i am ranked top 5 in many countries, also keyword positions (in a lot of good keywords) increased very much -> but now installs go back to almost “zero”

Does this make any sense ?
Anyone experience the same problem ?

The thing is that ranks don´t give downloads. You get them from the recommendations lists. And you can be turned on/off from those lists with a snap of a finger. It has happened to me as well.

Yes right … but i think that the “organic search” brings most downloads … means “keywords” …
Of course you are getting downloads also from the “recommendations” … but i dont think that almost ALL downloads are from them … makes no sense …
Also i have checked my app also for the recommendations thing - and there also was NO change like before … i still can find my app on other (for example similar) apps as recommendation … now my “recommendation rank” is even higher than before some days … so i dont think that this causes the problem !

Also what you mean with “can be turned on/off with a snap of a finger” ???
Who could turn this off ?
Google ?
Or somebody else ?

Also OF COURSE you are getting downloads from ranks !
When you have ranked an app on rank 150 - than you will not get any download from that probably … but if you have an app on top 5 in maybe brazil than you will of course get a lot of downloads of it !

Turning On/Off was just a metaphor, i dont really know what causes you to appear/dissapear from recommendations, but i am absolutely sure thats where the downloads come from. Search doesn´t bring many downloads, at least not for games. Maybe for a couple generic ones listed on top (solitaire, mahjong, etc).

Yeah, u can get x downloads if u rank extremely high, but being on that spot will require 10x the downloads. Ranks are a consequence of (paid) downloads, not a source of them.

Same behavior here for one of my apps and seems that we had it in the same period (it is the second time it happens to me) since yesterday my downloads are back to normality. The spike period is around 3/4 days and downloads are x4

I have no clue from where these downloads came but indeed make sense that those come from recommendations, for example, the user downloads X game that have +50 millions downloads then that game has some kind of relation with ours, then next day our game appears in the recommendations of all the people that downloaded the game.

Hopefully we will have more and more days like that, fingers crossed.

It’s seem your promotional strategy work very well.
how much did you spend for your app promotion?

Maybe Zedge was showing your app.