Daily income/Ad network used/mediations (New Thread)

Lets share about daily income and ads network.
Its good way to spread the motivation and know the current conditions and future scope in android for coming days.

It can help to understand and compare our revenues vs apps too.

** Need not to reveal the app/game names.

Here are my details

Total apps/games: 14
Daily earning: 250 - 290usd
Ads network: Admob+FAN
Mediation: Admob
Ad Types: Interstitials and Banners

What about you ?

Please reveal the number of impressions and the ecpm for each type of ads.

Overall average:-
CPC 0.12
RPM 0.35
CTR 0.37

Total apps/games: 5
Daily earning: 10usd
Ads network: Admob
Ad Types: Interstitials

Total app: 1
Daily Earning avg: 100-115$
Ads Network: Startapp and special one
Ad Types: splash, return, interstitial,banner

Total - 4, but earn only one
Daily Earning avg - 270-320$
Mediation - Appodeal
Ad Types - Interstitial, Rewarded video

Thats great.
Do you use admob in appodeal mediation?

If yes, then have you compared admob results with and without appodeal ?

Good going.
Best of luck.

Best of luckā€¦

What about the DAU/Daily Install? For me those effect the most. not number of the app.

Yes, that is also important. Maybe the advertising network is good and the user can make a lot of money with less installs

how many install does your app get daily ?

If you all use virtual currency you should give TheoremReach a try. Rewarded surveys can have really high payouts with $100+ eCPMs for typical developers and $300+ for devs that have sought after content (the more the users want the content, the more they take surveys).