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Yes, I came back but not for selling you stuff :wink:

I want to give you all 400+ source codes for completly free. Newsletter lifetime - 1,5 year, each week pack of codes (frequency depends to my time but 1 week is max)

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Daily Free Code ? Android Source Code ? Get Code

…and you know what is condition :wink:

What about blog SOON:

  1. Free guides
  2. Free articles
  3. Free methods
  4. Everything free, I will not take single cent from you for 99% content
  5. I am going to publish soon old asosecret content for completly free
  6. New ideas comes also

What about newsletter? Read the website and you will get know.

In this thread, I will write every week what you will get for free in newsletter.

This Sunday give away:

  • suprise code

Next Sunday
-unity3d game
+suprise code

All subscribers to newsletter will get it for free :wink:

Haters go die :wink:
If somebody hates me for giving code for free, maybe he is just reseller here?

SCAMMER, CHEATER, @ramzixp takes your email , then he spams garbage to your email everyday

Shut up, I don’t care you fckin polish prick

21 people received codes:
-prisma clone
-volleyball unity3d game

enjoy :wink:

Next codes, next sunday :wink:

Thank you Ramzi

No problem, enjoy :wink:

I think that trolls will shut up when new and new people will be grateful for receiving free codes. 400+ are for give away. Yes I am building list for my far future products but what’s wrong with it? All campaings are proper build with mailchimp and thx for this everyone can opt out any moment to not see any mail ever.

Daily Free Code ? Android Source Code ? Get Code
today all subscribers will receive unity3d game worth 149$ :wink:

for free :wink:
12h left to mail send, so you have time to subscribe

Free Unity3D game sent to all subscribers.

All February subscribers will get VIP status and exlusive code of Cash Reward (custom made by me with modern Card View, client app and server app) on March 1st for completly FREE

Next Code - Sunday