Daily Decision Wheel - Decide in a fun way!

Hello! I’d like to introduce recently released app link to google play
This app is 2 years old on iOS App Store, but only now I managed to finish android version.
Basically this is a Spin the Wheel app. You can create a topic, add answers, tap spin a see result.
What stands out this app from competitors?
Pleasing particle effects on spin finish and great snapshot for sharing your result.
Also, built-in templates, ability to use photos on the wheel, and a lot of customization.

It will be great if you can review the app.
Special offer: use “Contact Us” feedback form and write me a message #forum_community,
and I will unlock for you Remove Ads purchase (can take up to 24 hours for me to process your request)

Thank you all for your attention! Any feedbacks are welcome
> Vladimir