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Cube Robot [3D Jump'n Run Free]


Help Cube Robot Speedy on a time attack journey in the cube world!

Run for your life in this platformer. You have to get to the end as fast as you can to get all the stars. You die, if you are too slow. Dodge lasers, cube bombs, and many other obstacles. This game is designed to give you a fun Jump and Run experience.


The game features 50 diversified levels at the moment, but there will be more. It starts really easy, but gets more and more complicated and hard. The last levels are only for pro gamers. If youre looking for a challanging game, give this one a try!

Cube Robot 1.1 Trailer - YouTube

[b]I Wish you much fun with our game, and a happy Valentine’s Day! Download it for free here:[/b]

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