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Automatic Payments - Anti-Ban - Anti-DDoS - 500+ Designs - Google Ads - Twitter - Bing - TikTok
:moneybag:EVM DRAINER for 500+ Wallets​:moneybag:

(Supports extensions and mobile apps such as Coinbase, TrustWallet, MetaMask, Ledger, and others)
Available on over 50+ networks (such as ETH, BNB, MATIC, Arb, Blast, Merlin, and more). Evaluates, withdraws, and adds networks as they emerge.

:gem:TON Drainer​:gem:
Supports all known wallets - on Telegram, Tonkeeper, MyTonWallet, OpenMask, Tonhub, and others. Both mobile version and extensions.
Evaluates NFTs (numbers/logins), tokens, and the main coin - withdraws in one transaction.

:money_with_wings:TRON DRAINER (trc20):money_with_wings:
Well-known network due to Tether, available drainer, supports Tronlink, TrustWallet PC/mobile.
Withdraws assets by signature - no alert, amount not visible, just SIGN.

CryptoGrab Top Crypto Affiliate

3 Types of Drainers & WEB 3 & CEX & DEX Exchange and more…
CEX Exchange - Flexible settings, Pump/Dump, Email, 9 payment methods, 5 designs. Buy crypto with Visa/MasterCard/ApplePay.

Convenient admin panel and the ability to customize each of your sites
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