Cross Promotion Tools

Hey people

So, what cross promotion tools do you use? What is the best? I know a few, like tappx, tapdaq, taptica and tap for tap. Can you suggest other?
I really would like to use tapdaq, but their android sdk is unavailable =(

So, what is your experiences using this tools?

own custom tools

We use our own cross-promotion tool. If you need Google Play organic traffic from our app, contact me at Skype: maggie-fe

Hi there!
I’m currently trying Tappx. I’ve been really impressed with the total number of impressions my campaign got so far. In about 4 days I noticed a boost of about 60 downloads in my app. I really think it deserves a try to get a reasonable number of downloads in a few time for free.

What is the size of the Tappx SDK?

use your own cross promotional tools and if you will not, your quality will be decreased