Cross Promotion (Tappx)

Hey there!
I’m Andrea, an indie app developer who just enrolled in a cross promotion community called Tappx. Since it’s based on cross promotion, the bigger the community becomes the better it will be for us, its users. For now, it’s been working really well for me and the popularity of my apps has slowly increased. For those who don’t know how cross promotion works, it’s very simple: I advertise your app in my app, and you do so in yours.

Tappx gives you credits for advertising other apps in your own app, and you can choose where you want to spend your credits (Tappix). You can choose the country you want to be advertised in and design your own promotion campaign.

Furthermore, if you don’t have any banners of your own, they have some available ones that you can freely use. It won’t take more than 20 minutes to upload your app there and start making some profit out of it.

Try and register via this link so we both get extra credit for bigger promotion campaigns. Thanks!
Tappx - Cross-promotion platform for Apps - The App Marketing Platform, Tappx

Ok gonna try this out. @Anagy006 I used your ref link to register so U can get bonus tappx points. If others are interested to join this community for cross promotion of apps, you can also try my link for bonuses, thanks! TAPPX - CLICK HERE to JOIN

Just signed up with your ref url lets see how it works ???

Thanks guys, helped me a lot!

Going to try this out, let’s see how it works

Done. Used your referral link.
Share some love, and use my referral link here if you sign up. Cheers.

This sounds like a good alternative. Integration done.

Just do it style, done. And btw, great support service. Will keep updated of results

Thanks for sharing such kind of informative tips. Might it helps a lot.

I thought I would update my experience with Tappx here. I’m quite happy with the service provided, I’ve also been working on ASO by myself with their help and some specific tips they gave me. They told me they’re in the middle of setting up some ASO posts in their blog, and, as far as I was able to read, they are posts of high quality (at least the tips they told me). To sum up, I think this community is working their way up in the app marketing market. Good job, Tappx community!