Cross Promotion Platform (Online) - Ideas


After reading many topics here, I found that a good way to promote our apps and earn more downloads is getting cross promotion, being with our own apps or partnering with others developers.

For that reason and because I’m finishing my first application to submit to play store, I thought in implement a cross promotion system, but I don’t find any one that could be managed in a easy way after implementing my code.

Actually, for what I saw I know, I implement my code and if I want to change the cross promotion information, I need to make an update to my application.
For that reason I believe I could develop a better system, using internet connection.

For example, I’d like to write my own line of codes that automatically get a random cross promotion app from an online database.
There will be an online admin panel to add and remove apps to cross promotion.

What you think about this? It could be a good plan?
Should I develop this only for my internal use or create an online platform for all developers?
What you would like to see as functions to use and have available?

If this would be to go into further development for public use, I’ll make the app free and maybe create a rate of 2:1 or 1:1. ( ex: you show 2 ads and earn one point to show your ads ).

Hope you have some cool ideas :slight_smile:


You would try TAPPX. This is a completely free Cross-Promotion Platform for Apps (Android and iOS).
SDK integration is very easy and you can upload as many apps as you want.
When you integrate the SDK in your app, you can select when to show a banner or a interstitial on your screen.
Everytime you show an ad impression in your app, it will give you a “Tappix” (“virtual coin” of exchange in this community). Each ad impression of your app in Tappx community, it will consume a Tappix.

Yes this is really a good suggestion. Here at this board we have strong number of app developers and publishers; if we can help each other, all can succeed.

İ already wrote my own code and it works by one server. When you add photo and links of the app to admin panel in server. İt load in cross promotion part in android app. İt shows like interstitial ads but as grid of the four app pics to promote my apps. When i want to change them i go to my server and update their link and photos to other one. Yes it is possible and effectively working.

We also have our own cross promotion platform in place