Cross Promotion Networks

What are the best cross promotion networks that you guys use in your apps? I’m talking about generic cross promotion that includes apps other than gaming.

You may try MobileCore (my referral included) to cross promote your app.You may share a portion of traffic of one app and could cross promote them.

I apologize. I meant cross-promotion with other developers. Something like I give you 1 user and you give me 1 user type of deal. Mobilecore seems like it allows the developer to cross-promote users within his/her own apps which is not what I was looking for. Do any cross-promotion platforms exist between multiple developers?

Oh i see.No i am not aware of any other cross app promotion network.


appnext does it. You simply create some revenue from sending traffic to other users, and then use that revenue to get other users to install your app. everythnig is done through the same system.
PM me if you need more details.

I’m looking for a true cross-promotion network that does not require me to earn revenue first.

Me too…

Join Jeremiah’s cross promotion club @XdebugX can help you. Shoot him a PM. For your own apps use mobilecore.