Crisp Bacon - pig-based "porkour" runner (free)

Hello, everyone,

I would like to show you my first and only Android game - Crisp Bacon! It’s a casual runner with some pretty fun gameplay mechanics, which hopefully makes it stand out from the most similar games. Art & code done by me, no engines or game libraries used.

You may notice that it has a ton of downloads already, so I should explain that it’s because it was first uploaded ~3 years ago and it was a crappy buggy alpha-like version, which forced a lot of negative reviews and an insane uninstall rate, which is currently hurting my market placement. I was silly enough to update it (3 months ago, changed all art, music and core gameplay), instead of publishing new version. It earns me close to nothing, but I’m still proud, since it’s a decent game. I hope you will like it!

Gameplay trailer:

Any feedback would be very welcome and I would also be thankful for any comments on how could I improve my Google Play description. Or any marketing advice, really.

Download from Google Play: Crisp Bacon

I’m still working on exciting new content (boss fights!) and I already got a couple of nice reviews from Android game blogs (well, I asked for them), so maybe not all is lost.

th eproblem of negative reviews is probably because the game doesn’t looks smooth. It’s caused by too low aniumation frames of the pig and the fact thjat you didn’t use any game engine. However it looks pretty nice. It would be better also to make a Crisp Bacon 2 instead of updating the old one i think.

Most negative reviews are from the old version. After update there were very few of them and it’s a first time I get a comment about issues with animations. Feedback is usually the opposite… It runs at 60FPS on better devices and has a decent amount of animation frames for a 2D runner not using Spine or something similar.

I agree that publishing new version might have been a better choice. Too late for that now :confused: