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First of all my appreciation to the moderators of the website . They have done a great job in keeping the forum sane. I am a regular lurker
of this website and being an indie mobile developer myself, I make a point to download as many apps as I can and review them helping my pursuits as well as others.

Premise for the app :

Many of my users and some of the older folks that I know are constantly complaining they were unable to get the customer service numbers that they need. So I thought I could compile a list of the most useful customer care numbers to make it easier for the users to get them.

Read on for more info on what I have done.

With features such as one touch call. One touch share and separate log list based on your viewed numbers, making it easy for you to reach any customer care numbers in US, UK and Canada. We have taken the effort to compile only the toll free numbers allowing our users to get customer service for free !!!.
The REPHack feature we have will save you the hassle of pressing a series of buttons to reach a human representative. Simply follow our rephack and get a representative directly. Ex -“Press 1 and 8 twice to get to a customer care representative”. Clear instructions!!
Get customer service numbers of ATT, Apple, Amazon, Bank of America and other major companies, with over 2000 customer service numbers from US, UK, Canadian companies be rest assured that all the numbers will be in your fingertips. All the numbers are saved within the app which means the users need not have an internet connection to get the numbers.
Features of CREP :
?Beautiful UI and Flat design. Works good.looks good.
CREP is not only a great utility app. It looks good too. With a UI similar to a visiting card all you will need to do is click and call !!!
?Get all customer service numbers in one place. Your own customer directory.
No need to browse online for your customer service numbers. get them when you need them .
?Unique searchable interface. Search and call. All within seconds
CREP is designed to work fast. Get results in seconds . Search within the app is fully optimized to work buttery smooth !!!
?Use Rephack feature to bypass Automated customer support system and customer representative.Fast.
We don’t like to wait inline and press buttons upon buttons to reach a customer service representative. CREP ensures that you get a human representative within seconds.
?Maintains call logs of your recently dialed numbers. Find them next time in one click.
Crep remembers each and every number you had previously searched for. So next time you launch the app you can reach the number within a couple of clicks.
?One touch call. One touch share. All from within the app .
Call directly from the app . No need to leave the app if you want to share a number with your friends.Spread some love with your friends as well. We would love you to share the app .
?Free for life. Free updates for life.
We dont charge the users for the service we provide nor we intend to . We only monetize the app through unobtrusive ads from time to time to help us give out a better service.

Please take time in reviewing the app and share it among your friends and save their time as well.

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Thanks for sharing the info, it would be helpful for the one who want better customer service.