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Credentials Managing App

Hi guys,

I want to pitch an idea here… Dont you feel its really disgusting to type your email address / username / passwords at various websites? A simple credential managing app, however can make the things really easy. I dont know if there is any such application available on play store right now. I think it can be a great help for those who are not very keen of tapping!

Credential managing can also bring great assistance in the life of those who owe multiple accounts on websites like facebook and etc. The app will contain username and password information. Whenever required, its user will sign up easily to his or her intended website with a single tap

What do you guys think ?

You need to be well known company or big promoter to make this kind of apps and people don’t trust when we are asking to store their credentials unless we gain their trust …If you are thinking to monetize this app you will get negative ratings and many think it as key logger or some kind of hacking…I tried making this kind of app but left it on early stage