Creating my own app store

I am creating my own app store app like (Mobogenie) and want to get the feed from a ad network, is there any network that could provide an api? Airpush ? Inmobi?

I tried doing this. I guess you have to go with an affiliate network but they all wanted a finished product and you don’t really have a finished product until you have a network. I tried MobVista but they never answered me, I asked them if it was a yes or a no and they said it could take a while, it’s been like 3 months.

you can integrate native ads, thats what I would do.

Hi Olun,

For your mobile web users, you can use our new Airpush MWeb ads so you can monetize them there.
I can enable your account for the ads if you PM me your account email address. I know @DroidGenie is doing this.


Checkout my appstore on your android device to see the ads in action, make sure you open up an app page to see the ads as they wont show on my main page.

nice… …