Creating Google Play Developer Account on VPS

I got several questions regarding creating a GP Dev account on VPS:

  1. Should the VPS IP location match the CC address and the location of where the Gmail account made? Let say I have US CC, and US Gmail, should the VPS IP also US? or it doesn’t matter?
  2. I have tried creating an account before and getting rejected due to “considered high risk”, after getting that rejection, can I use the same VPS and the same CC with new Gmail acc? Or just new VPS with the same CC? or both should be new?

I would really appreciate any insights from anyone that has real experiences on those matters, thanks! :slight_smile:

  1. No but country based or region based if country is big as USA
    if USA, yes, all should be USA but additional for example Los Angeles, if you have VPS in NY, can be a problem

  2. Both new, CC is more important

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