Create Admob Business Account?


I’ve been using a personal Admob account for about 1.5 years now and I would like to change it to a business account.

I know the account can’t be changed from personal to business and Google says I should first close my personal account and then create a business account. However, that means I will lose the current app ids.

Question: am I allowed to create a new business account under another email address (registered under my name) and add my business’ details in this new account?

Thank you!

You can keep exist account and then open new with your desire name (new gmail address), update all your app and use new ID from new account.

I’ve done exactly that with no problems.

Some users will never update the app so you will keep receiving some revenue on your old account.

Hi guys,Better you check once again setting of new mail id created.i think you done any mistake…Check once again.Thank you.